No matter what season we are in for those in the Midwest, the health and condition of your commercial roof is an important priority. In this article, learn about how sunlight and heat can have harmful effects on your building’s roof and how you can prevent or at least minimize roof damage this summer.

As we just entered the summer months, maintenance on a commercial or industrial roof is often not seen as a priority. There are no leaves falling into clogged gutters, no ice and snow damage to worry about and no severe winter storms on the 10-day weather forecast. Understandable, your building’s roof is not the most visible feature of your commercial building, so it is no surprise that it can be neglected during the summer months. However, roofs still require upkeep and repairs, combined with scheduled inspections during the summer season, especially as temperatures heat up and humidity rises.

Most of the common damages to commercial and industrial roofs during the summer months include UV rays/light, high temperatures, high humidity, summer storm fronts and thermal shock. This sizzling time of the year can take a heavy toll on your roof’s structure and materials, which can lead into premature failure and eventual leaks.

The goal of this article is to share with you the damaging effects that summer can have on your building’s roof and the importance of a regular maintenance and preventative roof care management program.

UV Rays/UV Light: Most of us have probably experience sunburn after a long day outside, but have you ever thought about how your roof is reacting to the UV light? Over time, the constant exposure to UV rays will dry oils out of the material your roof is made out of, which can cause sealants to crack, and shingles to buckle or blister.

High Temperatures: Summer brings heat and that means temperatures on your roof can approach close to 150 degrees. This is especially a problem when there is a stretch of extremely hot days in a row. High temperatures can cause your roof’s materials to break down faster, which can lead to failure, resulting in leaks and structural integrity issues.

Summer Storms: Around the Great Lakes, we experience warm, humid air from Gulf Coast meeting cool, dry air from the North that creates severe weather conditions and high winds, sometimes at rapid pace. Thunderstorms and high winds can cause loose materials to tear away from your roof,or can cause damages from other debris impacting it at high speeds.

Thermal Shock: Did you know that your roof actually moves throughout the day? In the afternoon heat, your roof materials expand, and in the evening when the temperature cools down, they contract. These repeated shifts of expansion and expansion over time can cause tears and splits in the membrane which leave your business operations open to the elements and more susceptible to leaks.

High Humidity: Moist air paired with summer heat can cause condensation to build up and settle inside small cracks in the membrane or underneath shingles. This buildup can lead to water damage, rotting material and mold.

You might be wondering how you can prepare your commercial roof for the harsh summer weather, and NIR Roof Care, Inc. is here to help! 

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